Web Dev Operations Manager

Full time
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines


The position shall manage the Web Development Department to timely execution of web projects and implement measures to ensure accurate scoping, delivery and adherence to quality and project intake expectations.  As part of the service delivery arm of the organization, the Web Development Manager is tasked to make Web Development products to consistently raise the standards of team’s efficiency, timeliness and quality of output.



The Web Development Operations Manager is responsible for the management of revenue, profit and loss, as well as the leading and managing the staff of the Web Development department, directing the day to day activities to maintain department’s standards of quality excellence, timeliness, productivity and division efficiency, all while achieving and exceeding clients’ goals.  

The Web Development Manager possesses a strong “can-do” attitude, customer-centric and continuously nurtures a culture of team excellence with openness, transparency and collaboration.

He or she is also expected to have proven critical problem-solving skills, out-of-the-box thinking, capacity for needs and gap analysis, attention to detail, and superior communication skills.  The job involves overseeing compliance to quality and work volume, reporting, and fulfillment of managed solution commitments.



  1. Revenue and P&L

    • Development and implementation of strategies to maximize revenue and profitability

    • Monitor and analyze financial performance, including revenue streams and costs

    • Forecast, prepare and manage annual budget 

    • Assess and manage risks associated with revenue generation and P&L management

    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop pricing strategies and revenue models

    • Identify and pursue new business opportunities to drive revenue growth


  1. Work Volume Fulfillment

    • Ensure that the current staffing is able to handle the workload through manpower projections

    • File MRFs for potential staffing deficiencies

    • Participate in work volume forecasting discussions to uncover any potential issues and adjustments to staffing, etc.

    • Request for timely discretionary budget meant to recover from work volume fulfillment concerns.

    • Team management in terms of work schedule and projects thru Web Dev Tracker to ensure timely delivery of projects and compliance to key activities’ timelines and commitments. 

    • Periodically coordinate with Sales determining changes in volume that may result to drastic increase/decrease of work volume

    • Participate in work volume forecasting discussions to uncover any potential issues and adjustments to staffing

    • Review OT rendered for the month and its effectiveness

    • Champion for the service line's commitment to SLA compliance

    • Sponsor projects/initiatives that drive better efficiency, timeliness, and productivity.

    • Request for timely discretionary budget meant to recover from work volume fulfillment concerns

  2. Quality Control and Audit

    • Determine the goal from client payment to project launching.  Assist in determining out-of-scope requirements and negotiate with the Project Managers for prioritization and/or additional billing or recommendations.

    • Resolve issues with Project Managers to ensure timely and accurate delivery of projects to clients.; 

    • Can allocate 1 hour per day for client calls regarding technical matters

    • Review and validate specific solutions proposed for quality improvement

    • Champion persistent issues that clients complain about and help teams to come up with permanent solutions

    • Execute and implement quality adherence innovations

    • Establish protocols to improve internal defect/revision rates

    • Enroll team leads and/or managers to PIP for failing to meet their team's quality compliance

  3. Staff Development and Retention

    • Surface current and projected learning needs for all staff

    • Outline learning development plans (that may require certification and/or training) for all levels

    • Track staff's development progress 

    • Periodically map and champion team's long-term career development plan's implementation which includes ad-hoc training session for overall competency development

    • Actively champion for commitment to long-term career development plans of Team Leads

    • Strategize, plan and possibly source for training based on TNA result conducted or requested

    • Justify training program results to ManCom

    • Responsible for setting new Team Lead's expectations (quality output, productivity, culture, scorecard, career progression)

    • Lobby for training budget or accommodation for staff

    • Participate in implementing logistics for any training needs of the team

    • Design or requisition post training activities to help retain employee engagement and desired results or outcome

  4. Performance Management

    • Review Line Managers' productivity and quality output

    • Review if current Performance Indicators are aligned with client retention efforts and implement changes whenever appropriate (semi-annually)

    • Resolve performance issues with leadership

    • Vet or decline promotional/appraisal opportunities

    • Monitor team leads' compliance to monthly scorecard discussions (including the quality of commitments)

    • Prepare and discuss scorecard with Team Leads and/or managers

    • Confirm or decline regularization of probationary employees

    • Discussion of a contributor's promotion/appraisal with HR

    • Facilitate suspension-level and above disciplinary sanctions to due to non-performance (quality, productivity) or non-conformance to procedures and directives

    • Proactively address performance issues across the service delivery operations

    • Assist Team Leads in determining appropriate action plans to address non-performance

    • Monitor scorecard discussion compliance

  5. Tools and Resources Management

    • Periodically assess availability and function of the resources used by the teams

    • Lobby for new or improved tools budget or accommodation

    • Hold IT/R&D responsible for timely and effective tools maintenance processes and fixes for business continuity

  6. Operational Process Improvement

    • Participate in solutions design process for new services, offerings, costing, efficiency, automation and research.

    • Champion activities that improve client satisfaction or customer retention through better service delivery.

    • Review process improvement initiatives on a quarterly basis

    • Establish and commit to processes and structures necessary to ensure timely fulfillment of teams

    • Periodically target current processes for the teams and lobby for process improvement for efficiency and/or automation

  7. Stakeholder Reporting

    • Monthly and Quarterly presentations on revenue, profit & loss, growth and process improvements during Business Reviews

    • Consistently report to stakeholders department's wins, challenges and (internal) threats to critical activities related to Quality, Timeliness, Efficiency and progress.

    • Management of stakeholders’ expectations thru timely report on critical activities


The role will be directly reporting to the Chief Executive Officer



  1. Web Quality Excellence Lead

  2. Staff Lease Lead

  3. Project Managers


  1. Bachelor's/College Degree in Marketing/Business Development or equivalent, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a combination of education and relevant work experience

  2. Strong communication skills (verbal and written English), ability to communicate confidently across all employment levels.

  3. Minimum of 2+ year manager-level role in web development, technology, front-end design, and usability

  4. Proven track record of leading projects from concept to completion, applying current project and web development best practices with the ability to prioritize and creatively problem-solve independently

  5. Proven ability to deploy websites in a short time frame (2 to 3 week cycles) is a strong plus

  6. Ability to develop under constraints and stay current with changing technology

  7. Ability to think strategically and stay on top of execution

  8. Strong communication and client-facing experience

  9. Superior people management skills and a proven ability to lead teams

  10. Familiarity with platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Shopify, etc

  11. Working knowledge of current Wordpress plugins, themes, and integratable API’s 

  12. Working knowledge of the ecommerce / online retail space, CRM integrations (Salesforce, Eloqua, HubSpot, Marketo etc), shopping engines, and complex integrations.

  13. Strong organizational skills, high attention to details, critical thinking and learning abilities; Strong time management skills

  14. Ability to supervise, train and mentor employees, including organizing, prioritizing and managing timelines

  15. Ability to communicate effectively and efficiently (verbal and written English) with a high degree of collaboration and influence

  16. Must be able to work under pressure and ability to manage multiple tasks/projects/initiatives.

  17. Historical accountability for Departmental Profit and Loss is an asset.

  18. Working experience in process optimization is a plus

  19. Working knowledge of Digital marketing technology is a strong plus

  20. Flexibility of schedule/days and hours is essential.


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