Training Specialist

Full time
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

The Transformation and Development (Training) Specialist is responsible for helping operations teams
and team members in assessing and developing their technical skills and knowledge. The goal of the
specialist is to develop and conduct informative and dynamic learning sessions to ensure the technical
competence of each team member. The specialist must utilize critical thinking and problem-solving
techniques to arrive at sound decisions and recommendations. The specialist is expected to be a great
communicator with the ability to effectively describe complex ideas and processes to different audiences.
An effective specialist is a team player, goal-oriented, open to change, and willing to go beyond
conventional processes to arrive at solutions and results.

Desired Qualities:

●Driven. Has a sense of urgency and a need to accomplish the task at hand
●Passion for learning and continuous improvement
●Creative. Highly analytical and possesses creative and intuitive problem-solving ability.
●Confident. Believes in own abilities and can handle rejection
●Strategic Thinker. Possesses strong business acumen and has a good grasp of how the training
process directly affects the business.
●Facilitators of Change -- New processes and recent knowledge would always demand some type
of learning intervention. Moreover, with constant changes, competency and performance gaps
are always bound to ensue; and the trainer, in turn, can evaluate and recommend viable and
sustainable solutions.
●Structured. Leads participants through the learning process are organized and followed through
●Relational. Cares about the person, not just the training course; effectively identifies participants’
learning style
●Focused. Doesn’t get sidetracked; knows the final destination

●Does not take “no” personally;
●Takes 100% responsibility for results;
●Has above average ambition, empathy, willpower, passion, and determination;
●Intensely goal-oriented;
●Can easily approach strangers.

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