SEO Specialist (US Shift)

Full time
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

In order to facilitate the growth of our resellers, the SEO Specialist consults and guides our Project Managers and partners into making strategic decisions that will positively impact the search visibility and traffic of a site. Furthermore, they will assess the target business’ viability for improvement and recommended increased engagement where appropriate.

The majority of the responsibility is to rank the target websites thereby driving more relevant traffic. Part of the responsibility is to educate Project Manager and to help them manage their campaigns successfully, teach them to the more technical elements of search and digital marketing. The indirect responsibility is the lifecycle of each Project.


  • Perform a pre-intake analysis of websites requesting for service and identify their rankability before the official intake of the campaign.
  • Analyze and assess on-page elements of client and prospective client websites.
  • Report on the strengths and weaknesses of a target website and create a strategy that matches this assessment.
  • Select, refine, and monitor SEO Keyword lists.
  • Analyze all quantitative and qualitative data from webmaster tools and web analytic tools and translate them into meaningful and actionable SEO activities.
  • Conduct market and keyword research.
  • Develop and create SEO Proposals based on data gathered from client websites.
  • Perform regular Webmaster Tools and Analytics performance audits on Projects.
  • Optimizing internal and external linking structures to maximize rankings across keyword portfolios.
  • Measure and analyze the impact of projects and tactical improvements.
  • Ensure that new site pages follow proper SEO guidelines with respect to coding and adherence to established copy/keyword best practices.
  • Create Report summaries with analysis on ranking performance based on relevant information.
  • Perform other tasks that may be required to improve ranking performance.

Task and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with Project Manager or supervisor to gain full understanding of their SEO goals and business objectives.
  • Conduct keyword research to determine search terms that are appropriate to the business.
  • Assess and evaluate existing content and provide recommendations that is SEO friendly.
  • Review existing pages and provide appropriate landing pages for targeted terms.
  • Create off-page strategies
  • Conduct pre-intake website assessment
  • Create event targeting and tracking via Google Tag Manager
  • Create traffic assessment and data generation from Google Analytics
  • Conduct on-page assessment via Google Search Console

Education, Qualifications, and Training

  • Bachelor's/College Degree in Business Administration, Commerce, Marketing or equivalent, or a combination of education and relevant work experience.

Experience or Skills Required

  • At least 3 years experience in SEO and digital marketing 
  • Mastery of On-Page, Off-Page, Algorithm updates, Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Good working knowledge of current internet technologies
  • Strong ability to communicate complex ideas and simplify them
  • Ability to communicate across all employment levels (staff or managers)
  • Strong organizational skills, attention to details, critical thinking and learning abilities
  • Excellent presentation skills with confidence presenting findings, analysis and information

Specialized Knowledge or Skills Required

  • SEO knowledge against current trends, the industry, resources, tools and thought leaders.
  • Work experience with e-commerce companies (. com’s) is an asset.
  • Exposure to western cultures (either travelling, education or working abroad) is an asset.
  • Exposure to programming language is a plus.
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