QA Specialist

Full time
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines


The SEOReseller Quality Specialist at Competency Level 1 primary responsibility is to support the organization and partner’s growth through on-time, accurate and high-quality QA coaching and monitoring of Partner Success and Growth Executives as well as sales calls. This role will also work closely with the operations leadership team in developing and implementing training, process and operations improvements based on data from QA analysis. This role will also be responsible in ensuring clear, updated and relevant QA guidelines for calls and emails.



Call and Email Quality Completion:

  1. Review, rate and audit based on quality guidelines calls, emails and chat conversations of Partner Success and Growth Executives with Partners and clients.
  2. Identify areas for improvement and make recommendations and develop action plans with coachees
  3. Ensure that all quality audits are accurately and consistently completed within service level agreements.

Continuous Improvement

  1. Continuously find ways to do things better and more efficiently.
  2. Continuously upskill self either through self-learning or from proactively asking for upskill sessions from direct leader through books, online courses, special projects, mentoring, special projects, 3rd party vendors, online courses or any other means.
  3. Define and establish industry standards.
  4. Monitor competitor’s partner programs and make recommendations on how to level up quality standards.

Reports completion, Timeliness and Accuracy

  1. Generate timely and accurate reports based on quality audits that will help leaders and individual contributors' insight.
  2. Create and maintain quality assurance records and reports.

Calibration Session Completion

  1. Schedule and facilitate calibration sessions with leaders and individual contributors to ensure alignment.
  2. Design and create objective process to measure how calibrated each participant is.
  3. Document, develop and cascade continuous clarification on quality attributes based on calibration sessions.


Call and Email QA coaching (Timeliness and Volume)

  1. Provide constructive, helpful and relevant feedback based on quality audits.
  2. Work with coachee in developing SMART action plans and commitments to ensure success and compliance in the next audit.
  3. Ensure coaching compliance.

QA Support through Email Tips and Huddle Sessions

  1. Provide support to operations (leaders and direct reports) through regular email tips, huddle sessions or any other means that’ll be helpful in driving the targeted behaviours.
  2. Conduct Mock Calls as necessary to objectively measure alignment to attribute.


● At least 3 years of relevant experience in a quality assurance role

● Openness to shifting schedule (Mostly Graveyard shift)

● Excellent verbal and written communication skills

● Strong interpersonal skills and ability to provide feedback in a constructive manner

● Ability to work independently and as part of a team

● Experience with call centre software and tools

● Experience with customer service and support is a plus



● Service Mindset: Sees the work as an opportunity to serve those coached to help them improve and become the best version of themselves in servicing our customers

● Gritty and Diligent: Doesn’t rely on motivation to ensure work is completed timely, completely and accurately

● Candid but respectful: Has the courage and assertiveness to raise things that need to be improved

● Adaptable: Open to change and very willing to learn new things

● Ownership:


● Quality Framework

● Calls and Email Best Practices

● Basic English Language Rules


● Coaching Skills

● Stakeholder management skills

● Communication Skills with different levels of the organization

● Analytics and Reports Generation

● Excel Skills (e.g. pivot, vlookup, etc.)

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