Email Marketing Specialist - Night Shift (Work from home)

Full time
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines


The E-mail Marketing Specialist is a hybrid between a technical contributor and a creative contributor.  The role is responsible for executing both sequential and non-sequential e-mail campaigns as well as periodic Newsletter campaigns for clients.  He or she is expected to have proven time and client management skills, critical problem-solving skills, out-of-the-box thinking, exceptional communication, a good sense of urgency, and prioritization and a track record for driving leads via the e-mail channel.



  1. Utilize lead generation tools to filter for valid e-mails
  2. Segment Audiences
  3. Baseline current performance and set campaign goals related to business goals
  4. Plan a content strategy
  5. Produce the content needed for the campaign
  6. Operate the e-mail marketing tools
  7. Measure campaign performance and report to the business or the client
  8. Improve incumbent processes/ workflow for better reporting, results, efficiency, transparency and productivity.
  9. Identify the opportunities to drive better results, to ultimately drive satisfaction.
  10. Provide ample assistance in developing business and marketing strategies.
  11. Effectively communicate
  12. Make sure project fulfillment and activities are finished within the SLA.
  13. Set-monthly meetings with managers to make sure Project SLA’s are fulfilled.
  14. Set clients expectations
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