Home-based Writer

Full time

Do you do your best thinking at home? We get it—some of your best work can happen while you’re in pajamas. Working from home can mean more work-life balance, no long commutes, and better productivity. That’s why we are helping one of our international partners put together a home-based team of writers who will collaborate, research, and create compelling copy.

For this project, you will:    

  • Craft stories that will help clients to sell their products and services;
  • Gain knowledge of digital marketing techniques that will drive traffic;
  • Team up with like-minded writers and editors who can consistently produce quality work; and
  • Earn a steady income with performance-based incentives.

We’re looking for:    

  • Skilled English communicators who can produce engaging articles on a deadline;
  • Reliable go-getters who can write four 750-word articles a day;
  • Self-motivated individuals who can research, learn, and write about complex concepts clearly, with minimal supervision; and
  • Flexible, results-oriented writers who can adapt their tone to different markets in the U.S.

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