Billing Clerk

Full time
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

The role will be responsible is to monitor revenues, tracking of receivables, preparation of invoices and updating records. The role should also ensure that data are accurate and reliable in handling accounts and documents. Overall, the position is to contribute to the accurate preparation of bills receivable and safeguard the company’s income.

Primary responsibility of the role manage account balances to discover outstanding debts or other inconsistencies, collect all information needed to calculate bills receivable (order amounts, discount rates etc.).


  • Monitor the data input in the accounting system to ensure accuracy of final bill, issue invoices and bills and sent them to customers through various channels (mail, e-mail etc.)
  • Issue customer account statements periodically or whenever necessary
  • Receive payments through various methods (cash, online payments etc.) and check for credibility
  • Send reminders for payments and contact customers when assigned
  • Update accounting records with new payments, balances, customer information etc.
  • Answer questions and handle complaints from customers regarding bills


  • Critical Requirement would be intermediate Excel Skills (e.g. data validation, formatting, vlookup, pivot, formula and creating accordion,)
  • One (1) year experience on the same capacity or higher
  • Shows strong competency on, interpersonal skills, decision making, high level of accuracy, organizational skills and people management.
  • Strong ability to communicate and engagement, management of high pressure environment and
  • Strong organizational skills, attention to details, critical thinking and learning abilities
  • Excellent presentation skills with confidence presenting findings, analysis and information
  • An understanding of Online marketing is an advantage
  • Preferably with work experience with e-commerce companies (.com’s)
  • Exposure to western cultures (either travelling, education or working abroad) is an asset
  • Willing to work on a nighshift schedule
  • Strong, proven and demonstration of sound work ethics and can manage high level of confidentiality.
  • Data studio skills is a plus
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