Account Manager (Active Pooling)

Full time

The role is a vital contributor to the Accounts/Service Delivery Team by creating, maintaining and enhancing relationships with clients. He or she is expected to have proven time and personnel management skills, critical problem-solving skills, out-of-the-box thinking, exceptional communication, a good sense of urgency, and prioritization. Ultimately, the role shall be responsible for commitments and deliverables to clients through constant communication and proper setting of expectations. 

The primary responsibility of the role is to educate clients on the use of the dashboard to help them manage their campaigns successfully. Education shall include the technical elements of search and digital marketing, and add a human element to the relationship between the company and the client.


  • Internet allowance
  • We support the Mental Health of our team members through:
    • Psychologist 1:1 Sessions
    • Inhouse Mental health group sessions/webinars
  • Developmental Benefits are also offered like:
    • Career Development Conversations
    • Access to Technical and Personal Development Courses through the Axadra Academy
    • External Training Courses for Leaders and High-potentials
      • Some of our vendors are Guthrie Jensen and Benchmark
      • Topics: Coaching, Project Management, Problem Solving, etc.
  • Additional Leaves that allow our team members to attend to important matters
    • Birthday leaves for regular employees
    • Covid leaves: Vaccination days; 5 day coverage for Covid Positive Sick Leave
  • We reward innovation projects that impact the organization



  • Expected to energize, motivate, challenge and inspire their colleagues. Manage adversity maturely and gracefully whether with team or clients. 
  • Participate in activities that promote improved/highly engaged employees, encourage their participation in innovation, provide visible and observable positive reinforcement. 
  • Guarantee improved client retention by working closely with assigned client or Ops management.
  • Improve incumbent processes/ workflow for better reporting, results, efficiency, transparency and productivity.
  • Identify the opportunities to drive better results for clients, to ultimately hit the revenue.
  • Deploy and incorporate monthly sales promotions to ramp-ups. 
  • Grow revenue portfolio to an assigned monthly goal/trajectory. 
  • Provide ample assistance in developing business and marketing strategies.
  • Must be able to provide ample assistance in developing business and marketing strategies.
  • Must be able to set weekly touchpoints with partners and assigned team. 
  • Make sure project fulfillment and activities are finished within the SLA. 
  • Set monthly meetings with department managers to make sure product SLA’s are fulfilled. 
  • Set partner expectations properly and at the same time empower their partners to educate their clients. 
  • Commit to a minimum individual staffing requirement on a monthly basis.
  • Sign-up and participate in prescribed learning development efforts proactively participate in learning development activities; Constantly consume content related to our industry. Educate themselves on evolving trends and improving technologies but not limited to Mark-ups, CMS Technologies, Social Mediate Trends, Search Marketing, and Local Search


  • College Graduate of Business Administration, Commerce, Marketing or equivalent or combination of education and relevant work experience 
  • At least three (3) years experience in Account Management, Sales or Customer Service
  • Has a strong sales history with measurable performance standards in conversion, margin and overall revenue
  • Has historically matched fixed income with variable income (sales commissions are equal to or in excess of base pay
  • Familiarity with Defined sales techniques and strategies in terms of Self-Management Reporting and Interaction Management Skills
  • Good working knowledge of current internet technologies such as Customer Lifecycle Management Tools
  • Strong ability to communicate and engagement, management of high-pressure environment and 
  • Ability to overcome objections
  • Ability to communicate across all employment levels (staff or managers)
  • Strong organizational skills, attention to details, critical thinking and learning abilities
  • Excellent presentation skills with confidence presenting findings, analysis and information
  • An understanding of Online marketing is an advantage
  • Exposure to SEO is an advantage
  • Work experience with e-commerce companies (.com’s) is an asset
  • Exposure to western cultures (either traveling, education or working abroad) is an asset
  • Exposure to a programming language is a plus
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